Style with Block Print Dupatta

Complementing your daily outfits with stylish drapes is not a new thing. It has been in existence since the millennium. If you are looking to complement your fashion with a piece of clothing that looks stylish and blends well with all sorts of outfits, Block Print Dupatta is your perfect option. The Block print Dupattas are the most common apparels that are used to complement a variety of Indian ethnic such as the Lehengas or the traditional Salwar Kameez. Not just the ethnic wear, but you can use them with a pair of jeans and a top as well. 

Block Print Dupatta

 Historical Background

If we were to look into the history of the evolution of dupattas, we would hardly get any material to study it. There isn't any relevant material available that shows when did this beautiful outfit come into the foray.


The usage of dupattas has changed over time. Earlier, they were used to cover only one's head. In other words, it was used as a scarf. However, with time, women started using it with various outfits like Salwar Kameez and Lehengas. A lot of you would have not heard Dupattas because they are famous with other names like Chunni or Odhani. The outfits symbolize modesty. The outfits that are complimented with Dupattas have always remained a symbol of modesty and simplicity to the women in the Southasian countries.

Hand Block Print Dupatta


Dupattas in the present time

The hand block print dupattas are no more an accessory in the contemporary scenario. It has become one of the most common and widely used outfits in the Indian fashion fraternity. Have you ever wondered what makes these block print dupattas so popular? It is the technique of imprinting block prints on the dupatta. Adding prints manually gives an elegant look on each of the Dupatta that further compliments the total outfit in the most beautiful manner. Hand block print Dupattas, being a versatile piece of clothing, showcase their true nature of versatility when made using the traditional hand-blocking method, due to the nature of hand-blocking showcasing imperfection and uniqueness in every print.


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