We are a home grown clothing brand which is inspired by the essence of life and we try reflect that through our work. The very essence of life consists of literally everything be it flowers or animals and that’s what we aim to create and portray in House Of Dhaaga. Here at House Of Dhaaga we try to create designs that are contemporary, casual and as well as traditional. We firmly believe in the ‘Simple yet classy ‘ philosophy .

As a brand we’re growing gradually thanks to all of you and the family is getting bigger. It all started with printed shirts and now we have already started with a variety of women’s clothing as well and we intend to widen the variety. 

House Of Dhaaga is managed by us two young entrepreneurs namely Sudipto Bose and Ajeet Chauhan based out of Kolkata and Lucknow respectively. Having done our schooling from the prestigious Mayo College in Ajmer we were always passionate about fashion  inclined specially towards the legendary ‘printed shirts’ of Rajasthan. Then it was all about spreading it all over the country.

It is also important to be socially responsible thus we try to do our own bit by making sure that our clothing is Eco friendly. It is also of prime importance to not forget the real heroes that are the karigars and we certainly don’t by providing them work regularly and spreading awareness for the same. 

People come & go leaving nothing in their wake but memories and experiences ,we truly pray and hope that Dhaaga lives on even after we’re gone.