Little Calcutta : Sweet Tales of Bengal in Delhi

This is a story that started in the 1960s when migrants from East Pakistan settled in a colony called CR Park in Delhi. Lively, cerebral and culturally rich over time this community has stayed enshrined in its treasured traditions. From the love for addas an eclectic place for freewheeling, spontaneous conversations—to the relishing taste of mishti and luchi, the lush palette of this locale has become the backdrop for Dhaaga’ s latest campaign, Little Calcutta. This is a tale soaked in the rhythms and musicality of daily rituals. The same simplicity is reflected in our new collection—a compendium of handcrafted kurtas, tunics and tops that chronicle the ancient art of block-printing. This collection, that also marks a new beginning for our brand, is divided into three sections: shokal (morning), bikel (afternoon) and ratri (night). Each of these segments is distinguished by its unique colour palette, from deep indigos and madder to soothing saffron and pale pinks. With these modest yet artisanal clothes, we want to remind you how the very imperfections of block prints form an intrinsic part of its beauty. At Dhaaga, we ’ve spent many months recreating this beautiful art form and hope that Little Calcutta becomes a lens through which you just don’t see the labour and love behind this craft, but also feel it.